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Many business owners become slaves to their business, working 60+ hours a week trying to "make it happen" but there is more to life than what you do from 9 to 5.

Simple businesses have defined processes and technology to run those processes. 

We have helped hundreds of businesses from around the world organize and systematize their businesses to run smoothly so that they can live life more fully.
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What People Are Saying:
“I worked with Erin to automate/optimize our entire sales, CRM, and accounting/tracking processes and could not be more pleased with the results. Erin was very easy to work with and is easily one of the most organized people I have ever met. Every interaction was a smooth and informative exchange, and the final product was delivered exactly as promised in the first call. I would highly recommend Business Made Simple to any business owner who wants to increase their sales and optimize their processes. I'm very much looking forward to working with BMS gain on our next project.” 
- Aaron Perez
Business Made Simple helped me get clear on my fulfillment process, not to mention, they helped me identify a lot of missing pieces to my business that were causing me to leave lots of money on the table. After following their advice and making some serious changes and upgrades to my business, I am having record sales thanks to my improved sales process and for the first time EVER I’m staying on top of managing my clients (not to mention everything else!). Thank you, Business Made Simple
- Lori Hildebrand
With a busy speaking, writing, and makeup business, I had WAY TOO MUCH to manage in my head. I wanted to be able to check out of my business at the end of the day and enjoy my amazing life. After working with Business Made Simple, I love that I now have a system to manage all of my tasks, projects, and contacts. I can now manage my team and business from anywhere and have freed up time in my life to start a new hobby!

- Leta Greene
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